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Sian Collister LCHE BSc Hons MARH CEASE Cert

Specialising in Homeopathy for Autism and Vaccine Injury Recovery

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Homeopathy For Autism and Vaccine Injury Recovery

In 2010 I discovered the late Dr Tinus Smits' work and his homeopathic detox protocol that is widely known as CEASE Therapy or Homeopathic Detox - a safe, effective and non addictive homeopathic tool that is used to help treat autism, vaccine injury and many other chronic health issues that are linked to toxicity.


Although I specialise in helping families affected by autism to recover their children's health, as a homeopath I also treat a wide variety of complaints from childhood eczema, anxiety, acne through to hormonal issues and stomach complaints.


My work in the refugee camps has added to the breadth of my experience, particularly in cases where there is severe emotional trauma and anxiety.


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I am passionate about helping children diagnosed with ASD to regain their physical, mental and emotional health and live life to their full potential. This has a positive effect on the child but also their whole family.


"Homeopathy has the answers". Dr Tinus Smits

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