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Homeopathy is used to treat a wide variety of symptoms and offers a safe, non-addictive and effective therapy for those diagnosed with ASD.

By Sian Collister, Jul 9 2017 09:58PM

Homeopathic baby
Homeopathic baby

I’ve recently had a lot of enquiries about homeopathy as a safe and effective treatment for worms. As a mother of 3 affectionate young girls who like to kiss each other and the dog, I have personal experience of successfully dealing with worms in my own family and my clients.

In the UK, threadworms are the most common - tiny, white, thread-like worms live in the intestine and the anal area where the female lays her eggs. The worms can result in intolerable itching in girls as they can migrate into the vagina.

Signs and symptoms of wormscan mimic behavioural problems, hay fever, asthma and allergies and may include:

* nose picking

* anal itching

* vaginal itching ad redness

* biting fingernails

* dark circles under the eyes

* cramps, colicky pains

* tics

* change in appetite

The most common homeopathic remedy for the elimination of worms is CINA (Wormseed).

Those requiring CINA will experience a number of the following symptoms –

IRRITABLE, cross, contrary, disobedient

GRIND TEETH at night

Itchy sore bottom

May be very hungry

Grinds teeth at night

Picks nose

Useful for pinworms, tapeworms, round worms

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