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Homeopathy is used to treat a wide variety of symptoms and offers a safe, non-addictive and effective therapy for those diagnosed with ASD.

By Sian Collister, Jul 10 2017 08:14PM

Kelly was 3 when she was diagnosed with autism. She has been happy, healthy child with good eye contact and keen to socialise until she had the MMR vaccination. Within weeks Kelly lost her eye contact, was unable to speak in sentences, repeated what was said to her, lost interest in her friends and family and was only interested in spinning papers.

Kelly had the Hep B, BCG and Vitamin K at birth. Following the third dose of Hep B Kelly was hospitalised for pneumonia and was treated with antibiotics and steroids.

At the age of 11, Kelly was cognitively functioning like a 6 year old and able to complete small, simple tasks under supervision.

Her mum followed a strict GAPS diet and managed to get Kelly off a list of 12 medications including Risperdal with diet, supplements, sensory integration therapy and hyperbaric therapy.

Alongside organ support to help the body eliminate and a constitutional remedy every Saturday, Kelly started her homeopathic detox with a steroid detox. She developed a cold with a cough but recovered quickly without any medical intervention and showed some gains, more eye contact and less echolalia.

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